BOYL 2017

Lucius at Helsreach

Lucius the meat vendor. Good fun but we only had time to hunt one worm. I would have liked to engage in other activities including but not limited to:-

  • Ambushing and selling the Squat Flasher for meat, on the principle that he would not be missed.
  • Finding out if those tentacled guys were sentient and/or edible.
  • Infecting the water supply with amoebic dysentery for the glory of Nurgle.
  • Placing the squad on leave, letting them spread out individually throughout the town, drinking, getting into fights, and leaving diseased fingerprints on everything.

Exiles in the Enchanted Forest

I was delighted to find a couple of people playing Blades & Heroes, with this wonderful enchanted forest board full of random encounters and effects. At one point we had to turn our attention from the enemy to lay siege to a tiny tower full of angry garden gnomes.

Exiles on Jabberwock Hunt

In theory this event was to be an epic battle between half a dozen warbands and a terrifyingly mutated jabberwock, but in practice it was half a dozen bands of psychopaths and drunks brawling with one another before getting eaten by the jabberwock.