1984 Warband Project Part 2

In the last post I covered the army lists mentioned in the Battle Bestiary, here we’ll look at the possibilities in the rest of the book.

Pictures from other blogs are used here without permission, for reference and inspiration. I’ve provided credit and links where possible. If you see anything of yours and don’t want it shared, send an ask and I’ll replace it.

Wood Elves

Don’t have any ideas for these, and I don’t think there were any good treeman figures before MB14 in ‘93.


Chaos Dwarfs

Chaos Dwarfs – I don’t know that there’s much available pre-slotta, but the petard and bazooka combined with Clam Miniatures Ewal Dvergar (seen here painted by Chris Sabick) or some figures from Four A Miniatures would make for a neat little band.


Lizardmen & Troglodytes

It’s interesting that they’re completely distinct from the Slann here, and their schtick is living in deep caverns, even deeper than those of the goblins and dwarves.

I have some Tom Meier Troglodytes from Iron Wind Metals. Image again from Shamutantis.


Undead & Demons

There are a lot of different types of undead in the rulebook, and some nice figures like C34 Chaos Demon. With the Necromancy and Demonology rules in WFB2E both armies seem to lend themselves to being built around a wizard, in the vein of The Conjurations of the Insane Necromancer Colin. Shaitan’s Possessed Warband makes me want to come up with something themed around the 1980s Satanic Panic, House of Hell-style Hammer Horror satanic goat-cults.



I’ve always wanted to do a Rotten Borough of thoroughly corrupt, backstabbing halflings, similar in tone to the Dwarves of Horrorwell. The kind of place where the mayor is stuffing the ballot box, the sheriff’s men are extortionists and the less said about whatever the butcher is up to the better. C11 are the right figures for the era and look comical enough.


Arabians, Southrons, New World Natives, Steppe Nomads & Norse

More faux-historical armies. Of these, I can picture coming up with an Arabian force, based around this figure from my youth – or perhaps a misfist force with one or two figures from each nation?


Ogres, trolls, giants, etc.

I have a lot of trolls and ogres. I was already planning to make a force of these in thrall to a wicked enchantress, but using a mix of oldhammer and much newer figures. I could just make a 1984 version out of a subset of those figures – I’ll need a contemporary enchantress, so I’ve picked up an FA23-2 Evil Priestess.