Feudal World Guard WIP

WIP for Emmerich’s Guard, a Planetary Defense Force unit, dubbed Raumscknechts by Facebook. They’re the elite bodyguard of the Planetary Governor, mostly the second sons of highly respected noble families.

Looking at the 3×3 photos here, top to bottom, left to right the characters are: Wolfgang Grunberg, Comms; Henry LaFrenz, Leader; Sebastian Werdin, Medic; Niko Beckermann; Leo Hildebrand; Hugo Kepler; Adelhelm Latzke; Johann Wentzel; Bernger Grasshoff, Heavy.

Governor Emmerich is not really meant to be a combatant, he’s statted as just a special weapon guardsman. He likes to hunt and has a very fancy rifle, but otherwise is out of his depth in any sort of combat situation.

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