Kill Team Store Campaign 2018

I took the Raumschneckts, dubbed Emmerich’s Guard, into the campaign at the local GW store.

October 12th

While negotiating a trade agreement, Governor Emmerich and his men found themselves cut off and isolated in the war-torn Verunhive.

His loyal man at arms, Henry LaFrenz, died in the sixth game, so Emmerich has had to step up and take on the mantle of leader, while Henry’s brother Wenzel has taken up his brother’s power sword and sworn revenge.

Henry’s figure is now Anatol Goldberger, a powerfist-wielding combat specialist for when we need something punched rather than shot.

November 1st

A campaign game vs Death Guard. “Take Prisoners” is never a mission I’m confident with, but managed a tie, and would even have won if Hugo the flamer scion hadn’t run off on his own and been dragged off.

November 8th

Another campaign game; Capture Intelligence vs Deathwatch, a solid victory as I was able to take the objectives early and hold them.

November 15th

An extremely cautious game vs Deathwatch, trying not to get shot with Flak Cannons. I can’t recall whether this was a draw or a narrow victory.