The Return of Lucius the Meatdrinker

Now that the official campaign is over, it’s time to try a new team. I enjoyed the XP mechanics, so want to maintain some sort of simple campaign structure for my friendly games.

First I brought back my Shadow War Armageddon team. Since they had cultists, I couldn’t make them Death Guard, so I went with CSM and planned a build around the Icon of Despair:


Since all the upgrades are planned out in advance this time, they could be printed on the sheet with checkboxes to show when they’ve been purchased.


The cultists being Slaaneshi kind of goes with the build, since their mark will give a penalty to Nerve checks (albeit in very specific circumstances.)

Finally, I came up with a campaign system:


The idea here is to have the simplest, most casual campaign possible. Each Kill Team has their own “theatre of operations” in which they are trying to accomplish particular goals – in Lucius’ case, those listed above.

Anyone I play against is an opponent in the campaign, as long as they allow me to use my experienced profiles. The outcome of the battle will affect my theatre, and theirs if they have one. Each theatre counts as a separate campaign with separate resource levels and objectives. You may be reduced to guerrillas in one theatre while winning the campaign in another.

The winner of the game (or in the case of a tie, both players) gets to claim an objective, if they wish. Though each objective claimed is worth 1VP, they must be claimed in order for each category, and their costs vary: The first costs 3 of the relevant resource, the second 2, and the third 1pt.

So if you win three games in a row, you could claim 3VP for 6pts, but at the cost of leaving yourself with only 2 points in that resource and vulnerable to elimination. If you lose the third game, your opponent might grab the 1pt objective. Alternatively you could spread the cost, but then you’re opening up a lot of 2pt objectives that other players might capture, and leaving yourself a little bit vulnerable across the board.

I wanted something that encouraged “pushing your luck” type decisions, gave straggling players a chance to catch up, and gave campaign resources some purpose and flavour. I still need rules for things like what happens when the host is eliminated, or at the end of a four-player game. 

Battle Reports

November 30th

Lucius’ first Kill Team battle, Terror Tactics against Eldar. A lucky first turn put three of his marines into close combat with the enemy leader, but Lucius himself was shot down on the first round and things quickly fell apart, despite the efforts of the cultists to sneak around to the left. The enemy leader survived close combat and fell back, so her men could cut the marines down with gunfire. The game ended with Brother Karnath being surrounded and beaten down by half a dozen Eldar.

January 23rd

A quick sortie against the Tau.

January 24th

Lucius vs Necrons. Would have won this if I’d read the rules on holding objectives more carefully – an objective is only contested if there are equal numbers of models from each side within range, and I had the numbers.

The Necron leader went down on the first turn, but being a Necron, had a card to get right back up again. I made a steady advance early on, but my team was broken and all but wiped out by round 5.