Alaitoc Pirates Kill Team

And here they are, just in time for BOYL.

Inghen is the leader, Aetolia a scout, Ysolt a veteran, and Meryld comms. The concept is that they’re a group of Eldar pirates affiliated with Alaitoc; Meryld, with her more modern gear, is their go-between with the craftworld, which made her the natural choice for Comms specialist.

I did a lot of work on these at my dad’s house. We lost my mom the other month and I’ve been going down to keep him company, help out or sometimes just sit and paint so there’s activity in the house and it doesn’t feel empty.

I love the sunlight and atmosphere in this photo, the garden in the background. Here I was painting figures I last painted in my teens, in the living room I grew up in, on this gorgeous sunny afternoon, the sort of afternoon that always made me dream wistfully of fantastical lands and adventures when I was little, and all of the impressions adding up to this deep sense of familiarity and loss.

Paints are a mix of Contrast and the usual kind – the guardian blue is thinned Caledor Sky plus Guilleman glaze. The makeup brushes were used for drybrushing and lightening up areas that were too dark to take the bright yellow Contrast. The pattern of the Avengers’ crests was borrowed from Andrew Hicks’ Dire Avengers.