Battle Report: A Nasty, Petty, Spiteful Murder

Warcry; Gloomspite Gitz vs Unmade

The goblins came to silence the head of some mutilation cult holed up in a cluster of ruined buildings; they approached cautiously, letting the enemy come to them, circling around to deny them a hiding place, and loosing volleys of arrows at their quarry. Their leader, astride his squig, leapt into the midst of the enemy and drew their attention while the others kept the pressure on from afar, and they slew their prey while taking no casualties.

My First White Dwarf

December, 1985. I was eight years old, and found myself in a little toy and hobby shop in the Orchards in Haywards Heath with my mother.

They had some gaming materials and a display of the three level glass boards of the Taliesin Master Game (which, selling a deluxe limited edition at Harrods for £1,849 each, occupied the precise intersection between the 1980s fantasy craze and the 1980s theme of conspicuous consumption. Though, for me it was simply another mysterious artifact adding to the heady wizard’s cave feeling of the fantasy section.) Amid all of this was a rack bearing the December issue of White Dwarf.

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