Genestealer Cult Kill Team

I made these for the first Kill Team campaign before I had the idea for Emmerich’s Guard and ran with that. They turned out too drab the first time I painted them, so I drybrushed them with enough white to leave just a little of the underlying colour showing, and started over.

I did one of the leaders first to establish a colour scheme I could copy for the others, using Vallejo fluorescent orange for the jumpsuit – which is truly eye-searingly bright, the camera can’t really capture it – and contrast paints for everything else.

I think this is going to be how I’ll paint most models going forward – one important colour done with traditional paints, with everything else contrast. Contrast still provides quite a limited palette to work with, but for pouches and things that doesn’t really matter. It’s also great for just dabbing on little details like the lights and switches on the worksuit here.

I was into GSC as a teenager and always used to paint the ribbed or quilted bits green just because I loved the way the Citadel green ink picked out the details. I also went through a phase where I’d just discovered complementary colours and painted literally everything orange and blue.

So the scheme I’m going for here combines all the things I like best about the faction – nostalgia, classic Genestealer designs, and the concept of them as a workers uprising.

The newer models are great from an oldhammer perspective – they’ve taken things like the backpacks off the old metal hybrids and sharpened them up, but kept the design so similar that the metal figures can blend right in.

Treasures from the garden.

For the bases I went outside and picked up some gravel, sifted out the pieces of just the right size, and stuck them into GW Astrogranite. It’s kind of a magic trick to take the tiniest little stone and turn it into a rock the size of a man’s head just through a change in context.