Battle Report: Hab Beta

Kill Team – Vogen Campaign
Sector Imperialis Ambush – GSC vs Tau

On their way back to the spaceport from reconnoitering Shas’ui Masa’ru and his squad were ambushed by Starn’s work crew as they sought to expand into the nearby hab blocks.

The cultists arrived in force, advancing in a mob and spreading out using their Cult Ambush ability to take up threateningly close positions with the heavy stubber providing covering fire from the rear. The Shas’ui’s grav drone proved its worth, bogging down their charge and giving the pathfinders the opportunity they needed to escape to the side while the drones pinned down the cultists in close combat.

The cult were left with their newly acquired area of the city, and the realisation that their control over it might not be as firm as they had hoped.

                                                            Mat Mor Ter Int
                                                       Tau   7   4   9   7
                                                       GSC   7   9   54  7