Battle Report: Spaceport Services

Kill Team – Vogen Campaign
Sector Mechanicus Sweep & Clear – CSM vs Tau

After a successful reconnaissance of nearby blocks, Shas’ui Masa’ru decided to advance and secure an industrial area adjacent to the spaceport. Unfortunately, the disgusting aspiring champion of Nurgle Lucius the Meat-drinker was already scavenging the area for supplies with his warband.

By rights the agile pathfinders should have defeated the lumbering chaos marines who, equipped for close combat, were reduced to opportunistic pistol shots and stumbling between cover.

But the containers they’d been scavenging in were now abundant with the gifts of papa Nurgle, a sickly miasma that caused pathfinders to drop to their knees wracked with coughing fits and drones to corrode and short out.

A last push and a volley of flamer and pistol fire and the weakened Tau force were driven from the field long enough for Lucius to finish his scavenging.

                                                            Mat Mor Ter Int
                                                       Tau   7   4   97   7
                                                       CSM   56  8   7   5