Battle Report: The Falcon Strikes

Kill Team – Vogen Campaign
Sector Munitorum Terror Tactics – GSC vs Guard

Peldor’s Falcons dropped into the city, secured a staging area and immediately set out to infiltrate the cult’s hab-block stronghold and liquidate its leaders. Cultists were lying in wait, ready to try and halt their advance and wreak havoc on their vulnerable staging area.

Unused to facing such elite troops, and cowed by the firepower they brought to bear, the cultists hesitated. Charlie ‘Colt’ Evans and Corporal ‘Mouse’ Harris assaulted the right flank; Colt was struck dead by the talons of the hybrids and Mouse beat a hasty retreat.

RIP Charlie ‘Colt’ Evans

Emboldened, the cultists rushed the Falcons’ line, but it was too late: They were ready for them, and intercepted them and drove them back, Captain Peldor’s blade wounding Yohrik Starn, who called the retreat and fled.

The cult’s leaders knew they weren’t safe, and went to ground, damaging the resolve of the faithful.

                                                            Mat Mor Ter Int
                                                       GSC   7   4  97   7
                                                     Guard   7   6   8   7