Battle Report: Abduct the Abductors

Kill Team – Vogen Campaign
Sector Imperialis Take Prisoners – Imperial Fists vs GSC

The Imperial Fists began scouting the city and finding a Cult squad scavenging the rich pickings in the ruins amid the trading houses in the north of the city they decided to take them prisoner for interrogation.

The cultists, alarmed at the presence of Marines when they believed the world cut off from the Imperium, decided this was a good idea, assaulted the line of the Fists with purestrain genestealers, flamers and power tools, and took some prisoners of their own before making off with their ill-gotten gains.

                                                            Mat Mor Ter Int
                                            Imperial Fists  54  54   6   9
                                                       GSC  78   7   4   7