Warcry Amazons

Love the Warcry system – quick, simple battles, an initiative system that produces some little tactical decisions each turn, and factions with a lot of mechanical flavour. Naturally I wanted an Oldhammer version.

So thanks to StormOfBlackFeathers and BAGBRO2 for doing the hard work of reverse-engineering the points values.

Here’s my WIP Amazon list. I’ve tried to make the art and design authentically 2nd edition, with images from the 2nd Citadel Journal.

I still need to playtest these, and come up with a few more cards – a Beastmaster version of the Mage with a war leopard as shown in her art, and a card for the Goddess Rigg, using the monsters rules – 350 points, but you have to perform a challenge battle to propitiate her before she’ll join your side.

Update 2020/04/20: Swapped out the Noble’s Shield Run for Shield Wall (Shield Run overlapped too much with Throwing Daggers) and added page for Enchantress, War Leopard, Bodyguard w/ Spear, and The Goddess Rigg.