Feudal Guard Inspiration

Here are some pictures I saved for inspiration while researching paint schemes for the Raumsknechts. I painted one in the particolour style of the fifth picture as a test, but it didn’t look good and was too time consuming, so I settled on an empire style red and yellow scheme for the squad. Later I want to paint each of their armour with a unique heraldic scheme representing their noble family, to reintroduce some variety into the painting, as well as adding chipped paint effects to their brightly painted armour.

Feudal World Guard WIP

WIP for Emmerich’s Guard, a Planetary Defense Force unit, dubbed Raumscknechts by Facebook. They’re the elite bodyguard of the Planetary Governor, mostly the second sons of highly respected noble families.

Looking at the 3×3 photos here, top to bottom, left to right the characters are: Wolfgang Grunberg, Comms; Henry LaFrenz, Leader; Sebastian Werdin, Medic; Niko Beckermann; Leo Hildebrand; Hugo Kepler; Adelhelm Latzke; Johann Wentzel; Bernger Grasshoff, Heavy.

Governor Emmerich is not really meant to be a combatant, he’s statted as just a special weapon guardsman. He likes to hunt and has a very fancy rifle, but otherwise is out of his depth in any sort of combat situation.