BOYL 2018

Rigg’s Shrine

Amazons battle to defend Rigg’s Shrine at BOYL 2018.

This was a chaotic but fun game with some great people – nobody even gave me a hard time for showing up with round bases to a 2nd edition game. We had at least two different sources for the Goddess Rigg’s stats, so her abilities ended up changing round by round depending on whose notes we were looking at.

My Amazons started off guarding the approach to the shrine. They maintained a truce with the Pygmies on the basis that both groups hate the Slann, and marched across the table through the jungle to fight off some of the Norse invaders. Having dealt with them they took out the Slann leader with an extremely long shot fireball, before heading through the teleport gate into the shrine and all arriving on different floors.

Rigg found herself in a room full of leopards. The leopards wisely decided discretion was the better part of valour and tried to climb the ladder, leaving her free to help clear the main temple of outsiders, slaying the Norse leader in an epic melee.


A brief visit to Helsreach; it was late in the day and the Tyranid’s retinue didn’t get to do much other than make their way into town and murder anyone who questioned whether they ought to be there.

Amazons vs Slann/Dark Elves

Some Blades & Heroes skirmishes between the Amazons and Dark Elves, and some shots with the Slann from the Lustria game.

Hannah and Ben took joint control of the Amazons in the second game; it was one of the high points of the con for me when I asked Hannah which side they wanted to play and she enthusiastically said “Amazons!” I really got into the lore of that faction while I was working on them – they’re probably my favourite thing I’ve ever painted – and it was nice to feel like that was just as cool to someone else.

The Amazons won that engagement.

Exiles of Amheer – Backstory

In chambers vaulted with graceful arches carved from the living rock, beneath a hill studded with broken towers and dead gardens, under a sky shot through with strands of black smoke from burning cities, they gathered. Tarkan, who loved life’s pleasures, brooded silently at the ruin that had come to their ancestral home. Kong, loyal retainer, waited patiently to for Captain Valharik to speak.

“Any word from our scout?”

“Here, Captain,” said Candonyl the outrider in clipped tones, sweeping into the room and bringing with her the cold of the autumn wind outside and the bitter scent of smoke. Moving to the table she laid hands on the map spread out before the Captain.

“Ulthuan’s advance continues. We have perhaps two days before the fighting is upon us.”

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BOYL 2017

Lucius at Helsreach

Lucius the meat vendor. Good fun but we only had time to hunt one worm. I would have liked to engage in other activities including but not limited to:-

  • Ambushing and selling the Squat Flasher for meat, on the principle that he would not be missed.
  • Finding out if those tentacled guys were sentient and/or edible.
  • Infecting the water supply with amoebic dysentery for the glory of Nurgle.
  • Placing the squad on leave, letting them spread out individually throughout the town, drinking, getting into fights, and leaving diseased fingerprints on everything.

Exiles in the Enchanted Forest

I was delighted to find a couple of people playing Blades & Heroes, with this wonderful enchanted forest board full of random encounters and effects. At one point we had to turn our attention from the enemy to lay siege to a tiny tower full of angry garden gnomes.

Exiles on Jabberwock Hunt

In theory this event was to be an epic battle between half a dozen warbands and a terrifyingly mutated jabberwock, but in practice it was half a dozen bands of psychopaths and drunks brawling with one another before getting eaten by the jabberwock.

Exiles of Amheer

Dark Elf Warband

Profiles for Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes

Figures: 11
Personality Points: 150 (30%)
Warrior Points: 351 (70%)
Total Points: 501

Theleb K’aarna
Pathfinder Sorcerer – Personality
Points:50 Quality:3 Combat:2  
Traits: Long Reach, Spell-caster (P)
Spell: Switcheroo (P)

Captain Valharik
Dark Elf Leader on Cold One – Personality
Points:100 Quality:3 Combat:3  
Traits: Drilled, Leader (L,P), Long Move, Mounted

Dyvim Kong 
Dark Elf on Cold One
Points:51 Quality:4 Combat:3  
Traits: Long Move, Melee Block, Mounted

Dark Elf on Cold One
Points:57 Quality:4 Combat:3  
Traits: Crossbow (W), Long Move, Mounted

Sharilla Myrrhn
Dark Elf Archer
Points:30 Quality:4 Combat:2  
Traits: Crossbow (W), Good Shot

Feneric Myrrhn 
Dark Elf Archer
Points:27 Quality:4 Combat:2  
Traits: Good Shot, Short Bow (W)

Dyvim Tarkan
Dark Elf with Scimitar
Points:35 Quality:4 Combat:3  
Traits: Melee Block, Short Bow (W)

Melgin Hinmade 
Dark Elf Swordsman
Points:35 Quality:4 Combat:3  
Traits: Melee Block, Parry

Dyvim Kraal 
Dark Elf Swordsman
Points:35 Quality:4 Combat:3  
Traits: Melee Block, Parry

Points:42 Quality:4 Combat:3  
Traits: Battle Hunger, Berserk, Double Stab (W)

Alli Shaedi

Points:39 Quality:4 Combat:3  
Traits: Battle Hunger, Berserk, Melee Block

Profiles for Hinterlands & Skirmish

Exiles of Amheer – WIP

I made this warband on a whim; some of the other oldhammerers on FB were painting Dark Elves and the figures just took me right back to my first books and the illustrations therein. There’s something nice about seeing something and wanting it and just getting it on impulse, like a kid in a toyshop with pocket money. Not a race I’ve had any interest in before; they were more part of the background of the setting for me. Which I think is what drew me to them now – I saw the art and the models and they were so familiar, yet something I’d never actually played with.

I like the simplicity of these pre-slotta models, the way they look almost like they were carved out of a solid block of lead. There’s also something a lot more relateable about them than later Dark Elves – they look like elves, dressed for war, occasionally wearing human skins as cloaks, but still more like elves than glam rock fetish murder cultists.

I read some Elric stories and I liked the idea of the Melniboneans becoming a pragmatic race of mercenary nomads after their decadent city burned. I wanted these guys to be exiles, wanderers, politically out of favour but not in thrall to evil powers. So I painted them against type, instead of cold purple and silver, using bronze, red and plenty of warm tones. I named the models for characters from Elric who had ignominious ends, plus a couple of gag names in early GW tradition.

I wanted to use them in AoS Skirmish/Hinterlands, so I gave the sorcerer (who came without his staff) a celestial wizard’s orrery – he can be their navigator, leading them through the shattered worlds. I also statted them up in ASoBH – where in contrast to the Goblins of No-Dan-Kar, they were very straightforward to come up with profiles for.

I like how they’ve turned out. The base detail is liquid green stuff painted around the original pre-slotta base, then teased into a muddy texture. I wanted to incorporate the original bases as much as possible, and the effect makes it look like they’re journeying through some sort of muddy or twisted badlands.