Dungeon Degenerates

We finally got around to playing Sean Äaberg’s gonzo punk low fantasy masterpiece last month. I was a little worried it wouldn’t play as well as it looks, but designer Eric Radey has come up with a system that is straightforward and evocative of old school RPGs, while also being fun to play with and compelling.

I’m a sucker for games which allow you to alter the world you’re playing in, so DD’s core mechanic of fluctuating danger levels in different locations, with the option to make a dangerous wilderness into a safer one, or even flip a haunted ruin into a thriving town and set up your home base there, combined with a CYOA-style tree of missions to play through had me hooked from the outset.

The Angel of Death and the Alley Cat, released from the dungeons of the Wurstreich on an errand for the jailer, go shopping at the Hunt Lodge and discover it’s less of a Hunt Lodge than a Crack House.

(Spoilers for Dungeon Degenerates: The Hand of Doom.)

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