Kill Team Accessories

I’ve played Kill Team now more than probably any other Wargame; here are some of the things I’ve found to make it more visually appealing or easier.

Google Docs Datasheet

Blank Kill Team Datasheet

I made these datasheets in google docs for portability and ease of editing on the desktop. I’m incredibly scatterbrained so I need all my profiles, weapons, abilities and tactics in front of me while I play (and even then I still forget to use tactics most of the time.) 

There’s a quarter page card for each specialist, a half-page roster for each Fire Team, and a half-to-one page list of Tactics and special abilities. It also includes the mini-campaign system from my earlier post

Laser Cut Combat Tracker

I picked this up from the Laserforge Etsy store. It works well and looks great on the table.

Page Markers

This saved me a lot of time flipping back and forth between the different sections.

Ring Binding

I was able to ring bind my whole set for under 20 pounds. I asked the printer to cut as close to the binding as possible, leaving the covers attached to the first and last pages at the edge, but preserving plenty of margin.

Wound Marker Dice

These dice act as trackers for both Wounds on multi-wound models and Flesh Wounds.

Objective Templates

I purchased some stock HUD elements and printed them on OHP film as 4″ diameter circles. They lay underneath terrain, and you can place any objective marker you’re using in the center.

Objective control is measured 2″ from the center of the objective, so this makes it real simple – if any part of your base is on the template, you’re contesting the objective.

Oldhammer Eldar Kill Team

A recent game against an Eldar Kill Team made me realise, Eldar are fun now! When I was in school I bought the original 1987 Eldar models off a local player from an ad in the paper, and painted them lovingly; but when I came to try them on the table it seemed that Guardians and Dire Avengers were pretty useless; back then everyone else played Marines, marines always got the initiative, and I’d get one ineffectual round of shuriken catapult shooting off before becoming embroiled in close combat.

But in Kill Team both seem effective and fun to play, and the available squads match up nicely with these 80s sculpts, so I can make the Eldar warband I always wanted to make. I’ve re-purchased them, now I just need to find time to assemble and paint them.

I’m thinking Alaitoc Pirates, to explain the archaic and varied gear? And some of them are just going to be a challenge to fit to the stats – Belgae and Irbic I’ll have to call Rangers, treat their lascannons as rifles and their power armour as the Eldar equivalent of stealth suits.

Feudal Guard Inspiration

Here are some pictures I saved for inspiration while researching paint schemes for the Raumsknechts. I painted one in the particolour style of the fifth picture as a test, but it didn’t look good and was too time consuming, so I settled on an empire style red and yellow scheme for the squad. Later I want to paint each of their armour with a unique heraldic scheme representing their noble family, to reintroduce some variety into the painting, as well as adding chipped paint effects to their brightly painted armour.

Feudal World Guard WIP

WIP for Emmerich’s Guard, a Planetary Defense Force unit, dubbed Raumscknechts by Facebook. They’re the elite bodyguard of the Planetary Governor, mostly the second sons of highly respected noble families.

Looking at the 3×3 photos here, top to bottom, left to right the characters are: Wolfgang Grunberg, Comms; Henry LaFrenz, Leader; Sebastian Werdin, Medic; Niko Beckermann; Leo Hildebrand; Hugo Kepler; Adelhelm Latzke; Johann Wentzel; Bernger Grasshoff, Heavy.

Governor Emmerich is not really meant to be a combatant, he’s statted as just a special weapon guardsman. He likes to hunt and has a very fancy rifle, but otherwise is out of his depth in any sort of combat situation.

Lucius the Meat-Drinker

A Nurgle Chaos Champion made for a conversion contest at the local GW:


Some kind of grotesque butcher (meat hanging from hooks on his belt around the back) who, like a fly, vomits on his food and sucks up the liquid through his diseased trunk.

I had some old plague marines and cultist laying around, so I was able to throw together a warband for the Shadow War campaign:


Brother Fulmax, Brother Karnath, Lucius, Brother Evanus (killed in battle 2 and replaced by Brother Kalgoreth) Brother Scrofulax

Played four battles; the first against Space Wolves, where Lucius’ men spent a lot of time pinned down by one scout with a plasma gun; the second against Dark Eldar, where he turtled, fell back, and fought very cautiously.


Mark Vexbash, Colin No-The-Other-Colin-The-One-With-The-Tentacle, Nigel Hateclaw, Ian Lashspite

His only outright defeat came in the third battle, where we found ourselves defending against Marine snipers with a mystery objective. The objective was to assassinate Lucius, and the Marines achieved it in the first turn and immediately left the board.

Lucius survived, and in the next game we brought a chaos spawn, which at least soaked up most of the sniper fire before going down.


Ultimately, Lucius and his team came second by tie breaker. One more game might have swung it, but appropriately I was sick for a week and didn’t have time for another game – and I’d been looking forward to spending those Scavenger resources, too.

Lucius the Meat-Drinker
Aspiring Champion of Nurgle


Skills: Ambush, Feint, Mark of Nurgle, Scavenger.

Wargear: Boltgun, Plasma Pistol, Chainsword.